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Jens Hennecke

CEO EMEA- Aicomp

"I'm always engaged in optimizing the portfolio of services and products for our customers."

Jeroen Koopman

CEO US - Aicomp

"I'm focused on finding new and innovative value for customer to make them perform better every day."

Kai Aldinger

Global Lead for Forest, Paper, Packaging Industry - SAP

"My passion is to help customers and partners to grow through digital innovations."

Steven Mason

Global Head of New Products - Aicomp

"I'm focused on improving the customer’s experiences and opportunities through optimal usage of SAP technologies."

Matthias Waltz

Head of Product Development, Partner - Aicomp

I like to redefine the boundaries of digitalization for the packaging industry again and again with VCPowerPack."

Patrick Fichtner

Head of Product Management, Partner - Aicomp

"I see myself as a solution architect who supports our clients."

Ayten Bayindir

Senior Consultant S/4HANA - Aicomp

"Working in the corrugated industry for over 30 years, I support from process analysis to end user training."

Daniel Tröster

AI/ML Expert - Aicomp

"New technologies create new opportunities."

Timo Klemm

Senior Director SAP - ORTEC

"I do really enjoy working with customers and understand their needs and requirements."

Ralf Stenker

Project Lead, Supervisory Board Member - Aicomp

"As Project Lead I always want to move from a supplier to a partner."

Csaba Nagy

BI Senior Expert - Lupus Consulting

"Data is easier to handle"

Gerhard Göbel

Product Lead TRIM | Senior Consultant SCM - T.CON

"Make planners happy, enjoy trimming. All inside SAP."

Karl Harvey

General Manager UK - Aicomp

"I always enjoy a new challenge, increases learning and experience for all."

Michael Tews

Senior Consultant (Cloud ERP), Supervisory Board Member - Aicomp

"Making projects a success by choosing best-practices and not reinvent everything new."

Jörg Helmreich

General Manager Germany, Partner - Aicomp

"My main driver: to align business requirements with SAP solutions and thereby help professionals work more efficiently."

Klaus Runtsch

Senior Solution Architect - Esko

"I belong to the team being specialized in integrating our core products into customer’s landscape, to optimize business processes and integration with their business systems."

Sven Wagner

Consultant Supply Chain Management - T.CON

Tyler Thompson

Global Solutions Director - Tilia Labs

"Are you looking for a way to automate layout creation for print production? Join us to see how tilia Phoenix utilizes imposition A.I. to create optimized layouts in seconds."

Marc Rusconi

Value Advisor - SAP

"I am passionate about delivering value-based insights to you and your customers."

Paul Raach

PP Consultant - Aicomp

"Innovation and change offers new opportunities that can improve everyday life, so let's work on them."

Andreas Roesch

Senior Consultant SD/LE - Aicomp

"With more than 20 years in the packaging industry, I was involved in several SAP implementations."

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